If you peeped my last blog on FanDuel’s $1000 Free Opening Day contest, you already know the deal. We partnered with FanDuel and now can offer Stoolies a free rack in Thursday’s Opening Day roll. All you gotta do is draft a baseball team of 9 fantasy style, one player at each position, and stay under the cap. If your team performs well, the money goes right into your account. You can literally transfer it to your Paypal within a day. As a known fantasy sports genius I’m speaking from personal experience here.

Simply SIGN UP HERE or use the “Existing Users” link above the signup box if you’re already a FanDuel member. Set up your squad for Thursday and hope for the best. Actually, PRAY for the best. You’re gonna need help from above to keep me from taking this grand prize.

I’ll post my team for you guys tomorrow. VIVA LA STOOL!