Way to bum it up, Mike Wallace. Last week had to be the 3rd or 4th time my team barely missed the money, but considering a have a #1 finish under by belt this year I truly don’t have too much room to complain. And maybe it’s the holiday spirit still rushing through my veins but for this week’s FanDuel fantasy football contest I’ll even give you a hint about who I’m starting at QB:

Riding the Andy Reid/Mike Vick train to Payout Town. Who’s coming with me?

This week’s rules:

· $25,000 in total prizes, with the winner walking away with $5,000
· 555 seats in the tournament, up to four entries allowed
· $50 entry fee
· League starts at 1pm EST on Sunday, Dec. 30th

SIGN UP HERE. Viva la Stool!