Yes, I foresaw and called Vick’s death much like I called Mike Brown’s firing. Still doesn’t make me feel any better.

How many years as Eagles fans has Fat Andy strung us along all season under the belief that we could make a late-season run and do damage in the playoffs? How many heartbreaking collapses or disgusting playoff exits have we had to suffer through over the years? Exactly. I’m not usually an optimist, but this Eagles team is so shitty that their shittiness actually has me thinking the glass is half full.

Had Nick Foles won this game we’d all have hope in our hearts and would be stuck rooting on this Midnight Green tornado of disaster for almost another two months. At least now we know it’s over and can concentrate our energy on hating them and making Andy Reid fat jokes. To me, that makes losing this game almost worth it.

PS – Honestly can’t remember hating any aspect of Philadelphia sports more than this offensive line.


Let’s do our Stoolie duty and get wounded warrior Zachary Parker a new wheelchair. Read Pres’ blog HERE and donate whatever you can HERE.