ESPNThe Philadelphia Flyers have won the Vincent Lecavalier sweepstakes, signing the free-agent center to a multiyear contract on Tuesday. The Flyers did not disclose terms of the contract, but sources confirmed to ESPN.com that the deal is worth $22.5 million over five years. The deal will average $4.5 million per season and contains a no-movement clause. Lecavalier, 33, had his previous contract bought out last week by the Tampa Bay Lightning, which owed him $32.67 million in the buyout. Approximately 15 teams were confirmed to show interest in Lecavalier over the past weekend, with at least nine of them meeting personally with the star center at the NHL draft in NY/NJ. Sources tell ESPN.com that the Dallas Stars and Montreal Canadiens were seriously considered right to the end. Detroit, Boston, St. Louis, Washington and Toronto were among other interested bidders.

Gotta say I like this deal. For starters it passes the maurice test, which is “have I heard this guy’s name before?” Yes. I know Vinny Lecavalier’s name AND what team he played for, which are HUGE pluses to me for any Flyers deal. Secondly, he apparently only counts $4.5 million against the cap, which by my math is less than the $6.5 million against the cap Danny Briere was gonna cost. And Lecavalier is better than Briere. So…win. I guess.

Somebody smarter than me will obviously write more on this tomorrow. Just be happy for now, Flyers fans. Homer may have actually done something right. Even if he is 33.