PFTFormer Baylor basketball player Richard Hurd has pleaded guilty to extortion, three months after he claimed to have damaging information about Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III and offered not to make the information public if Griffin gave him $1 million. Hurd entered the guilty plea today in a federal court in Waco, Texas, where both Hurd and Griffin were athletes at Baylor. After Hurd went to Griffin’s agents with his demand for money, they went to the authorities, who arranged a meeting at which they handed Hurd what they said was $120,000 in cash in exchange for Hurd signing an agreement not to release anything damaging about Griffin. Once they made the exchange, Hurd was arrested. Hurd will be sentenced on November 21 and faces two to three years in prison. It has never become public what damaging information Hurd claimed he could produce about Griffin.


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