Here’s the thing about foul balls — you should 100% go for them as hard as you can. Unless you’re a season ticket holder, catching a foul ball is a bucket list-type item. You only get so many shots in your lifetime. I realize a lot of people understand that they should move out of the way when a guy on the team is making a play for the ball, but anybody with sense sees the score. ┬áThis is your shot at foul ball glory and you’ve gotta take it. Personally, the odds are pretty good that I’m going for the ball with unrepentant gusto just like the Geiger Counter himself. Maybe it’s a tall thing — I don’t know. But what happened to Matt here is a legitimate fear of mine that I’m sure will one day become a stadium ejection reality.

Ain’t nothing sadder than a semi-sober escort out of the stadium with everybody staring at your tall dumb ass. Gotta be at least twice as bad as a female walk of shame. Probably didn’t even get drunk enough to enjoy being thrown out. Matt’s lucky that he’s a millionaire fan favorite former powerhouse center and not just 7 Foot Sean from down the street. Wouldda got relocated back to his car.