Better slo-mo footage in the second clip, but I don’t care what ‘mo’ you’re looking at this “prank” from, it’s too damned far. There’s pranks and then there’s attempted murder, and to me this seems like a far better reason to lock somebody up than the majority of crimes people get put in for. Don’t care if it was a vegetation-eating Basking Shark or not. Pound for pound Basking Sharks are some of the most vicious killers on the planet. They’re big as fuck and swim with their mouths open, so this guy was a split-second away from getting swept up in some giant sea monster’s gills and drown-ded while screaming bloody murder bubbles nobody would ever hear. Eff everyone in that boat and the pranked kid for letting them get away with it. I’d have smothered every one of these “friends” while they slept that night.