It’s almost a certainly based on a lot of your comments that many of you mistakenly think of me as some leftist liberal hippie, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Well, I suppose it could since the opposite would have me out there burning down abortion clinics and starting my own Montana militia, but I still consider myself a pretty moderate guy. Especially when it comes to guns. Are print-at-home guns a good idea: hell yeah.

If guns could be printed at home nobody would have the balls to try anything. And if they did, eventually they’d be shot by a big-ass printed gun. Truly as simple as that. If 3D guns were legal cops wouldn’t be tazing everything that walks too slow and hipster rallies would have the same handful of crazies in their crowd much like Muslim groups or the Tea Party. It’d be hilarious. Guns wouldn’t be limited to those who live in the sticks or with sweet gun convention connections. The playing field would be even.

Totally with this. Can’t wait to download my first pistol.