bbcMore than 110 million Chinese-made condoms have been seized in Ghana after laboratory tests revealed they were faulty, Ghanaian officials have said. “There are holes in them and… the condoms burst easily,” a Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) spokesman told the BBC. The condoms were being distributed free as part of an HIV/Aids prevention campaign by the Ghana Health Service. About 200 million of the faulty condoms are believed to have been imported into the country. The BBC's Sammy Darko in the capital, Accra, says the condom packaging is silvery white with a red Aids ribbon incorporated into the design and the words “Be Safe” also in red. Thomas Amedzro, head of drug enforcement at the FDA, said the condoms had been imported via Kenya from a Chinese manufacturer. All imported condoms are supposed to be tested by the FDA before distribution, he said. “Somehow there was a lapse; the batches of the condoms were not submitted as duly required for the appropriate testing to be conducted,” he told the BBC's Focus on Africa programme. Anybody using them could be “exposed to sexually transmitted infections or be saddled with unwanted pregnancies”, Mr Amedzro said. “You may not be able to see the holes with your naked eye but when you look at it under the microscope you can see holes,” he said. They were also not adequately lubricated, the FDA said.

Hundreds of millions of hole-filled unlubricated Chinese-sized condoms being used in Ghana? Maybe the worst condom exchange in the history of prophylactics. China just out-Chinaing itself on this one.

Somehow it all seems like a ruse by the Chinese in an attempt to uncover ancient African huge penis secrets while destroying these people's third-world society. It's not Ghana's fault your country is filled with smog and thimble cocks, China. Extra small dry microscopic hole condom sabotage is some weak, childish jealousy shit. Grow up.