If ever I was approaching a crossroads with this team it would be now. A Nickelback concert? Guys I recognize it’s an easy and free way to publicize yourselves and to get some facetime in front of a large part of your demographic, but Jesus God in heaven you should never attend a Nickelback concert. I know it’s fashionable to make fun of Nickelback and everybody does it — but I don’t care. That band stinks and their music is trite and boring as fuck. And as much as Nickelback fans enjoyed seeing their hometown hero Flyers get silly on stage with a band of semi-rock Canadian millionaires, the image threatens to drive me away from hockey entirely. I’m not expecting you to jump on stage with Meek Mill and a bunch of rappers at Shampoo Night Club or to hook up with a some of the better indie bands…but Nickelback? C’mon Hartnell I know this was your idea.

You guys better have banged every slut in that arena.

[via CB, @ricex22]