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I’ve seen this commercial a few times and to me its blatant racism. Black couple dip sets when they find out they’re going to an expensive restaurant. I live in charlotte so i dunno if this commercial is even aired up north, but i wanted the opinion of a person with the darker complexion, is this shit racist?


This is actually the second or third time this has been sent to me, but it was never before this moment that it became obvious that this ad is prejudiced on multiple levels.

First, the obvious: why does the black couple want out of the nice restaurant so bad? Are they that much poorer than the wife’s white friends? Do they not have the palate necessary to appreciate the culinary expertise of said inconsistent seafood chef? The fuck are you trying to say about this couple’s tastes and socioeconomical standing, Golden Corral?

On the other site: why does the white couple have to be so fucking uppity? What kind of woman even says “a tad bit pricey” in the CAR on the way to the restaurant. That conversation should have happened at least 30 minutes ago before they even left. This woman is acting like how black comedians impersonate white people to act. Is Golden Corral saying that white people are this inconsiderate and robotic?

This whole thing is a trainwreck. Can’t believe nobody at Golden Corral PR stopped for a second to think about what they’re saying. Like, even if they switched the race of the characters and it was a white couple JUMPING OUT OF A MOVING VEHICLE TO EAT BUFFET-STYLE SEAFOOD, it’s STILL racist because of the “your friends” comment. This commercial is an implosion.

Besides, what kind of people, black or white, would rather eat at Golden Corral than at a decent seafood restaurant? You don’t have to be upper class to enjoy a decent piece of salmon or some crab cakes. Maybe this is why our country is fatter than we thought. Because we’d rather eat 5 full plates of endless beef tips than pay the extra ten bucks to eat like civilized goddamned people.

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