DMThe Scooter Store, the nation’s largest supplier of mobility vehicles is suspected of de-frauding the U.S. Government of over $100 million in bogus Medicare and Medicaid claims. On Wednesday, over 100 federal and state law enforcement officers raided the New Braunfels, Texas headquarters of the company as authorities after allegations the firm pressured doctors into prescribing their scooters for patients who do not need them. This follows a damning exposé by CBS This Morning in January which alleged that the company over-billed Medicare by over $100 million between 2009-2012. The CBS investigation found that The Scooter Store would harass physicians with constant phone calls and surgery visits in order to wear them down to prescribe the vehicles. They discovered the firm has a specialized department which devotes its energies to getting the vehicles for patients who had already been ruled ineligible by Medicare.

I can’t tell you how happy I was to read this headline. One of the small things in life that’s always bothered me is the commercials for The Scooter Store or Rascal or Hoveround or any company who makes motorized scooters for people too old, crippled, or fat to use the legs God gave them. Pretty sure that’s like slapping the supreme being in the face but hey — it ain’t my money. Oh wait yes it is, and that is exactly why these scooter company commercials have always brought me to rage.

How are you, The Scooter Store, gonna hit every daytime Maury, Price Is Right, and TV Judge show since 1998 with the same commercial promise: if you can’t afford a scooter we know how to get the government to buy one for you. That may not seem that outlandish to a regular person primarily concerned with their occupation, education, or loved ones, but for a guy like me who started paying attention to politics at WAY too young of an age, knowing that people’s tax dollars were paying for Diabetes Debra’s WalMart Mobile always messed with my head. Got nothing against paying for healthcare — if my tax dollars go to cancer treatment, or a kidney replacement, or blade legs for some non-girlfriend murderer that’s fine. But pumping out decades of commercials bragging in detail about how they know the secrets to abusing the healthcare system to get your lazy grandma an adult Power Wheel on my dime is absurd.

Justice is finally being served. Walkers only cost like 50 bucks, people.