LA Times via Phillymag recent interview with Jon Gruden about rookie QBs –

So those are the five starters. Who’s going to be the sixth rookie quarterback to emerge?

I had [Philadelphia's] Nick Foles in the preseason against New England. Michael Vick got hurt on the fifth or sixth play, and Foles went the distance, on the road in Foxborough. If you like prototype pocket passers with some functional mobility and a tremendous amount of toughness, Foles is interesting.

What really impressed me in the preseason was they weren’t running generic formations. They ran about 30 different formations out of about eight different personnel groupings in successive plays. So I see him recognizing coverages. I see him getting to second and third receivers, just like you’d want a quarterback to do in that system, and I love his NFL size. He reminds me a lot of Brad Johnson, from his football character to his ability to decipher a lot quickly, and we won a championship with Brad.

Not sure how much more Jon can put it out there that he’d be more than happy to take Fat Andy’s job at the end of the season. First it was reported that he is considering getting back into coaching and is looking for a big-market team with some talent on the roster and a place to put Juan Castillo on his staff. Now he’s giving interviews to the LA Times and talking about winning championships with Nick Foles like he did with Brad Johnson? It’s almost too much. Like why is Castillo’s name even in your mouth? Time to slow your roll a bit, Gruden. We’re only halfway through the season.