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I know rg3 is lighting up the league but I think this is a little too premature.

Definitely too premature, but not because of his skills. Robert Griffin III has proven already that he has the physical and mental tools to compete in this league for years to come. This crippled person’s Redskins vanity plate is too premature because we really don’t know who Robert Griffin III is. The guy was just getting extorted out of a million dollars last week — he’s obviously into some shit. Now whether that’s literal and there’s some sort of homosexual backstory between him and that Baylor basketball player is one thing, but it could be something much much worse than liking dude-butt. A MILLION? RGIII has skeletons.

How many people in Atlanta were regretting getting “VickMyDog” plates or folks in University Park with “JoPaIsGod” ones? Two, by definition and motor vehicle regulations, I guess. But still, you don’t jump in the pool without looking at the water first. RGIII’s could be murky as hell. You gotta give it a year.

I said lady, step inside my Hyun-dai…