Got caught up in the deep parts of the internet last night and ended up watching an episode of a show called Dinner For Five, which was hosted/run by Jon Favreau and featured 4 different celebs on the show talking about celebrity shit. Came out in the early 2000′s I guess. This episode was Faizon Love, Michael Rapaport, Sarah Silverman, and some British chick nobody cares about. It’s surprisingly funny so if you have the time watch the whole episode, but the biggest takeaway is without question Faizon Love’s straight up on-the-money perfection impression of Ice Cube.

Starts at 27:44 when Faizon begins talking about working on The Players Club, which was directed by Ice Cube.

It was like the first time I saw Sandberg doing the Marky Mark impression all over again. Had me rolling.