Did ya see it last night?? AND I QUOTE:

“I don’t know right now as I-I’m very into-tituh uniberse, you know like how was created, you know, like, what is it, you know? S-solar system is so huMANgus big, right? But if you see the like our solar system and our galaxy on the like on the side, you know, like, and we’re so SMAWL you can neven see it our galaxy is slike huge BHAT if you see the beeg picture our galaxy like sssmall tiny like dot in urrr-theurniverse like, and I fink like, ‘and we have some problems heres on the earth we worry about?’  Compared to like…..nuffing. Just…be happy. Don’t worry be happy right now.”

All jokes aside, Bryz just won me over with this slaughtered English rant.  Realanonymous and I were just talking about this the other day: not enough people think about space and infinity and the inherant insignificance of their own lives.  Too much worrying about things human beings created like money and status.  None of it matters and I’m satisfied knowing Ilya understands the same thing.  The solar system may seem humangus big, but it’s really just a small tiny dot.  Keep thinking deep, guy who blocks pucks for a living.

Cue the music!