Is this something that you could grow perhaps to love as much as scoring?
I can do it, man — I’m like Neo out this mother[expletive]. Yeah, I enjoy doing it. Like, when I prepare for each game, I look strategically at where the defense is going to be coming from, how to put guys in the right place to be successful. Y’know, my idol was Magic [Johnson] growing up, man, and I just so happened to not grow to 6’9″. After that, once I realized I wouldn’t be 6’9″, man, that was the end of that dream.

If you had really wanted it, how good a point guard do you think you could’ve ended up being?
What, you think I’m gonna sit here and say I wasn’t gonna be the best? [My strengths would've been] exactly what you’re seeing tonight, man. That’s what it would’ve been. When I focus in on something, I become obsessed about it, and I want to be perfect at it. That’s just my personality. So if I was to be a point guard, I’d just obsess over it and wouldn’t stop until I get it absolutely right.

Is it what you’re obsessed about now?
“Can’t you tell?”

But more importantly, how much does this chick look like Kmarko!? I can’t be the only one who sees this. Nose, cheeks, FACE — all the same. She’s like his long lost girl-twin. If I were Kmarko I’d prepare myself for a deep Q&A with my dad.

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Oh, right — Kobe. Yeah…he could’ve maybe I guess. Just doesn’t seem likely since the man loves shooting more than we love our own families. Three pointers, midrange jumpers, ejaculate — the man’s a natural born shooter.