cbsA new movie about Jackie Robinson opens in theaters across the country today. There are several scenes in which the Phillies are featured for the shameful way they treated the man who broke baseball’s color line. The Phillies of 2013 are a world away from the racist regime that ran the team in 1947. Led by a manager who was born in Alabama, the Phillies gave Jackie Robinson the roughest ride of his rookie season. Robinson’s Dodger teammate, Ralph Branca still has vivid memories. “Ben Champan, who was the manager of Philadelphia, he had leather lungs. You could hear him all over the ballpark. And he would be on Jackie’s case and say, “Hey boy, come over here. I need a shine. Hey boy, how come you not workin’ on a Pullman as a porter?” Local author Rich Westcott says they delivered their first vicious volley at Ebbets Field in April then followed with another salvo a few weeks later in Philadelphia. “The Phillies GM, Herb Pennock, had called Branch Rickey and said, I don’t want to use the words, but he said, ‘Don’t bring that guy here.’ “

Weird to think that with all of the Jackie Robinson talk I’d lived through in my life, I don’t really remember hearing the man himself speak. And when I finally do, he’s shitting all over my home town. Fuckin 1940′s Philly Fans and players making everybody look bad. It’s not like anybody today would even dream of being that racist, insensitive, or unnecessarily dickish–