APA gay softball organization has agreed to pay an undisclosed sum to three players who were disqualified from its 2008 Gay Softball World Series in the Seattle area because of their perceived heterosexuality. And as part of the settlement announced Monday, their team will get its second-place trophy back. Stephen Apilado, Laron Charles and John Russ, sued the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance, claiming they had been discriminated against. Rumors had persisted that their San Francisco-based team was stacked with straight ringers, so others filed a protest. The men had to answer personal questions in a room full of strangers and were told their claims of bisexuality weren’t good enough. The organization says bisexual players are welcome and it regrets the impact the protest hearing had on the men.

“But I swear to God I totally just blew a guy last week!”
“At the…uh…Rusty…Penis. I-In the bathroom of the Rusty Penis.”
“Was his name Rochelle?”
“Doesn’t count. Rochelle used to be a chick.”

How insanely prejudice is the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance? Bisexual players don’t count? Talk about double standards. If a man only puts cocks in his mouth sometimes as opposed to putting cocks in his mouth all the time, that man still has the right to consider himself gay. No bones about it. Doesn’t matter how much pussy he gets in the meantime. Those cocks still count!

Take this as an example, gays: your days of intimidation are over. Straights and bi’s aren’t gonna take this shit anymore. You can’t just throw out heterosexual accusations and steal second place softball trophies without facing some sort of consequence.

Thanks Jeff