Gotta love the music industry. Is it a little depressing to know it’s 100% about money and the tastes of 13 year-old girls instead of self-expression and creative exploration? Sure. But where else can you see a grown-ass 38 year-old man degrade himself in public pretending he enjoys a song probably written by that creepy black dude that hangs out with Rebecca Black and the Thanksgiving song chick?  Besides, it’s not like Nelly was Bob Dylan, anyway. Dude wore a Band-Aid on his face for fun.

It may not be Country Grammar, Hot In Herre, Ride Wit Me, or even that ridiculous Shake Ya Tailfeather song Puff Daddy made for that 2.5-hour long Hummer explosion called Bad Boys III, but at least it’s embarrassing enough to get our attention. Shitty Flo-Rida songs time? Shitty Flo-Rida songs time.