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A Polish artist is facing possible charges and has drawn ire from Russia for installing a sculpture of a Soviet soldier raping a pregnant woman in the northern port city of Gdansk. “I wanted to show the tragedy of women and the horrors of war,” arts student Jerzy Bohdan Szumczyk, 26, told AFP Wednesday, referring to World War II-era crimes.
Szumczyk installed the life-sized sculpture Saturday night to Sunday next to a communist-era memorial hailing the Red Army for chasing Nazi forces out of the city in 1945. Historians say Soviet soldiers raped numerous women during the liberation, though no statistics exist. Gdansk police spokeswoman Lucyna Rekowska told AFP that the sculpture’s public appearance was short-lived. She said a woman upset over the subject matter called police, who determined that it was set down illegally and removed it from the city centre within hours.

Here today, gone later today. Artists: is there a more misunderstood group in the world? Well, probably deaf and mute people or deaf people with no hands or mimes with no makeup, but for the non-handicapped there’s nobody on earth who puts up with being misunderstood more than artists. Polish kid was just trying to get people to remember the days when all the heroes who drove out the Nazis also went out and raped an untold number of pregnant women. What…do people not like to reminisce? I thought everybody loved thinking about the good old days. Suppose folks only like to remember the parts that don’t involve war heroes raping pregnant chicks.