I’m unbelievably torn here. On the one hand I worked as a bus boy/host/server for most of my young life so I understand the hardships of being in food service and having to deal with people who don’t tip. On the other hand I find it ridiculous that these people should be forced to pay 17% extra if the service was shitty not worthy of a tip. And on the third hand I’m a black guy. Lot’s to consider here.

Personally, I’m a strict double-the-first-number guy. If the bill comes to $71, we’re leaving at least $14. It’s good manners and good karma. But the MAIN reason I double the first number or give even more is because of the stereotype that black people don’t tip. I’ve personally been the victim of shitty service on occasion — I believe — because I’m black and the server assumes I’m only gonna leave $2 anyway. Which is bullshit. So now I’m stuck tipping racists more than they deserve just to maybe make them doubt themselves next time they slack on a negro couple. Totally depressing.

So yeah, maybe these people are liars and the service was fine and they just didn’t want to be forced to pay 17% gratuity. But you can’t assume that. They could have just received bad service and got caught up on some black-people-don’t-tip self-fulfilling prophecy shit.

Locking people in the building and calling the cops over 17% on 2-star seafood? Houston you have a problem.

via Arbroath