wiggins dunk

I want the Philadelphia 76ers to draft Andrew Wiggins more than anything else in sports right now not involving an Eagles Super Bowl win. It’s the greatest thing that could happen to any organization. Drafting the best non-NBA player on the planet AKA the next LeBron James AKA Maple Jordan is almost a guarantee your team will be in the championship discussion for the next decade or so. It’s organically making your team a contender without any of the cheating feeling that comes with forming a dynasty through free agency. It’s what every fan wants.

The question posed to me by a Stoolie going for a writer job was how long would I go to jail for a sports championship, but having a player good enough to guarantee annual deep playoff success is worth more than any one title. It could mean 3-4 titles. So I ask you: how long would you be willing to go to jail to have the Sixers (or whoever your team is) draft Andrew Wiggins?

For me it’s 30 days. I could do 30 days in Federal (probably not county or state) to put Wiggins in a Sixers jersey. Wouldn’t even remember that month in five years when I’m white boy wasted crying tears of joy at parade #2. More than a month is probably entering the danger zone, but I can keep my butthole secure and get down with some toilet vino for 1/12 of a year. No problem.

How bout you?

Vote 1 for No Jail, 5 for 30 Days, and 10 for Longer Than 30 Days.
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