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Jalen Rose has some great interviews on the Grantland channel. I linked you to one that came out a few days ago, Jalen drops a rumor that Kobe Bryant’s salary is set up as two giant installments a year. What a boss move that makes no sense. I kind of want that.


Definitely a boss move, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’d wanna get paid like that. Maybe if my checks were $14 million each like Kobe I would, but normal people might have a harder time budgeting correctly given that much financial freedom. There are people at this blog who I’m sure are, um, “pretty good with money” and might be able to live this way, but I ain’t one of ‘em. After a couple months I’d be totally broke. One bad beat on a sure-thing parlay would have me dishing out dry handjobs to Schuylkill joggers just to make ends meet. But Kobe choosing to get anvil-heavy checks only twice a year is definitely something to aspire to. Probably gets some of it in gold bars buried on an island somewhere just to hide it from wifey.

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PS – Say what you will about Grantland and Bill’s nasally little kid voice, Jalen Rose is GOLD. Could watch these clips all day.