TheDailyWhatBarry West was paralyzed from the chest down — which means he lost the use of his arms and legs — in a car crash in 1996. He was struggling to adapt to his new life in a wheelchair when he ran into a paralyzed pal who said something that got him thinking. Since that fateful encounter, West, 35, has taken up paragliding, scuba diving, skydiving, ­mountaineering, kayaking, and skiing (don’t miss the pics), and he plans to scale Africa’s highest peak, Mount Kilimanjaro, next year. And, of course, he will be an Olympic torchbearer in July as the torch makes its way to London. What’s next? West wants to ride a horse: “I don’t mean just sitting on it, but riding it properly around a paddock without anyone holding the reins.”

What a tremendous position this handicapped extreme sporting jerkoff is in right now. Busy forcing kind-hearted people into carrying his fat numb body up rock walls and through snowy tundra just so he can say he did XYZ. It’s a horrible position he’s putting these other people in. If they say “No, I don’t wanna drag your heavy ass up a mountain” they’re anti-paraplegic. If they say yes, they gotta risk their lives lugging the guy from Identity through un-natural terrain. Unbelievable.

How about this, Barry? Use the part of your body that still works (your brain) to help yourself and others like you live more comfortable and normal lives WITHOUT bothering some charitable sucker into dragging you through extreme nonsense.