Don’t get me wrong — I honestly think Nnamdi Asomugha is an awesome person. He seems like a nice, intelligent guy who does a lot of charity work and overall is a good dude. The world’s probably a better place with him in it.  The problem is that he’s a shitty and overpaid football player is all. Team’s gotta do what a team’s gotta do, and what this team has gotta do is distance itself from the $25 million+ mistake it made a few seasons ago when they paid top dollar for a top NFL corner and got slow, well-spoken garbage back instead.

You might’ve thought the team and Nnamdi would be able to meet half way and keep the guy on for another season, but I suppose Nnamdi’s people think he can make more money on the free market. We’ll see. Not sure what team is in desperate need of a very expensive and physical corner who is also a recluse that gives up 2 touchdowns a game, but who knows? The Raiders are probably dumb enough to take him back.


This song is way gayer than I thought it was.


Seems like every other reporter who has ever seen a football is saying Howard is full of it. And by ‘it’ I mean ‘shit’. This tweet sums it up best: