Like taking candy from a multi-billion dollar corporation designed to keep its candy.

How great was that draft? I — like most people who aren’t on a Patton Oswalt/Big Fan level of fanaticism — watched chunks of the first round and less and less thereafter. Occasionally checked my 2012 superphone to tap into the heavens and learn who the Birds took in the later rounds. Each time Googling and reseaching and YouTubing and critiquing the Eagles’ every move. And as it turns out — Howie, Andy, and the rest of the guys got it right. Possibly scary right.

Fletcher Cox is the guy one the Eagles absolutely wanted to come out of this draft with wearing Midnight Green. If nothing else, they needed a DT to sure up the gaps exposed by the DE’s wide-9 position. But what they were really hoping for is a lineman that could give them some pass rush up the middle to complete the full force barrage of Cullen Jenkins, Trent Cole, and Jason Babin. Mike Patterson is a solid run stopper, but he’s not quick nor does he get to the QB. Cox is everything the Eagles needed and adds to the waves of above average/great pass rushers the Eagles have on the roster.

Having already hit a home run by grabbing Cox, my favorite pick of the 2012 draft is 2nd round LB Mychal Kendricks. Yes, he’s a classic smallish Eagles linebacker, but this guy apparently loves to hit and thumped the hell out of the Pac-10 while winning Defensive Player of the Year. Oh yeah, he ran a 4.41 in the combine which is the fastest from a LB in 12 years. The Eagles needed a OLB on the roster who could tackle, blitz, and cover TE’s in today’s league and now they’ve found one. Mychal Kendricks/DeMeco Ryans/Jamar Chaney is a huge upgrade from last year’s Casey Matthews sadness parade.

I could go on and on about every pick but you can go ahead and read the opinions of some of my peers like ESPN, CBS, and Sports Illustrated. A+ draft by the Birds. On paper this team has to be in the top 5 in terms of talent, and maybe at the front of that class. Safety is the only possible question mark and even that isn’t that bad.

Dream Team 2.0: Reloaded.

Sports Illustrated – Eagles drafted 3 of top 11 ‘steals’ of the draft (Cox, Kendricks, Boykin)

ESPN NFC East Blog – Best Move of the Draft (patience when trading up to get Cox)

Mel Kiper -

We signed Chris Polk after the draft away from the Redskins, who was probably the #1 most coveted UFA.

We signed the #1 high school PLAYER in the country 3 years ago with our Round 7 Asante Samuel pick, taking a risk on a guy who could turn out to be an absolute steal.

And my favorite UFA, the guy who did this:

Howie Roseman is the motherflippin’ Hebrew Hammer. Best GM in the biz in his mid 30′s.

Go Birds.