HuffpoMEXICO CITY — Archaeologists say they have turned up about 150 skulls of human sacrifice victims in a field in central Mexico, one of the first times that such a large accumulation of severed heads has been found outside of a major pyramid or temple complex in Mexico. Experts are puzzled by the unexpected find of such a large number of skulls at what appears to have been a small, unremarkable shrine. The heads were carefully deposited in rows or in small mounds, mostly facing east toward the rising sun, sometime between 660 and 860 A.D., a period when the nearby city-state of Teotihuacan had already declined but the Aztec empire, founded in 1325, was still centuries in the future.

Why is this not already a movie featuring Leo DiCaprio, Clive Owen, Megan Fox, and Katrina Bowden/Olivia Munn as the lesbian couple who gets killed but only after they both expose their breasts??? It’s practically already written:

SCENE – Excavation site just like Jurassic Park but with cooler stuff because it’s 2013

Clive Owen: Fabulous find, Sarah. This is the largest grouping of human skulls found in this area in decades!

Leo: Carl…come here for a second. These eye sockets look hundreds of years old to you?

Megan Fox: Oh my god. These — is this still happening?

[Katrina Bowden/Olivia Munn kiss with outside the mouth tongue]


Simple stuff. Get it together, Hollywood.