Whew — that was close. You start to question yourself sometimes when you spend long periods of the day staring at a possibly underage chick’s ass. What kind of person am I? Does it really matter if she’s a couple years underage? What the hell is wrong with me that I just asked myself that question? Don’t I have ANY morals?

Etc. Etc.

So when I found out today that the floor exercise gold medalist and Team USA’s main source of booty inspiration was actually 18 and legal, you better believe there was a grown man in his living room celebrating like he just delivered a medal-winning dismount from an imaginary balance beam. Stuck the shit out of the landing, too. AND pulled off one of those McTwist flip jawns while I was beam-balancing. The ass is legal, folks. Probably still morally wrong to turn a teenage athlete and American gold medalist into a sex object…but legal! God Bless America!

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