Yes, this is a few days old and has already been featured on Sportscenter and discussed on PTI. I know this. I tried to ignore it, tried to pretend that a professional quarterback in the country’s most popular league not understanding how it’s own conferences and divisions work wasn’t that big of a deal. But I just can’t resist any longer. I showed it to a friend a couple hours ago and he was as dumbfounded as all of us were. How could this be possible? How could a kid who played the sport his entire life in an effort to reach the pro ranks really know this little about how the pro league is set up? HOW!?

It’s not like he’s stupid. The guy reportedly scored a 34 on his Wonderlic — a full 10 points higher than the QB average. Of course, this could be an indication that the Wonderlic is as much bullshit as we all suspected. Or it could be a sign that these tests are culturally biased like Shaq said in Blue Chips. Whatever it is, the brilliant mind of Ryan Tannehill that wonders why the Dolphins are in the AFC East when they’re “at the bottom of the map” just slipped through the cracks.

The CHIEFS? In the NFC East? No sense. Maybe Ryan was concussed in practice before this was filmed as some dirty reality TV trick to get football players to say dumb things on camera.  Is the SEC really that big of a deal where southern kids don’t even know the Chiefs are in the AFC?