“I would tell you excuse me for spitting on you, but fuck you.” Then look at the face.

Bitch was scared straight like a gay Muslim.

I’ve mentioned it before that I’m not a huge reality TV fan and couldn’t care less about who’s the Survivor or has The Voice or can be the most fake angry on The Real World, but prison shows straight CAPTIVATE my ass. Maybe “captivate my ass” isn’t something I would say in prison, but these dudes are entertaining as hell. Orange generic Kool-Aid powder lipstick? INGENIOUS!

My best guess is that this guy is a prison bitch himself and only got this gig because he’s the best angry actor. Real thugs don’t need to yell about how hard they are. The prisoner fucking this guy and taking his cocktail fruit is probably the silent, stabby type. Either way, I’m enthralled.

Keep kissing Kool-Aid lips, Ice MF Mike.