Posted the question on Twitter earlier and got some colorful responses. Obviously we need to hash out all of the fluids first before we can go anointing one “easiest to drink”, but glad to see that this is an issue we all take seriously. Still can’t believe this guy said he’d put diarrhea over puke. Certifiably insane statement.

Here are the fluids according to Wikipedia. Took out some of them to make it a bit easier:

After taking these fluids into account and assuming a half a glass of each, here are the official Top 15 Stranger Body Fluid Drinkability Power Rankings:

15. Semen
14. Diarrhea
13. Bile
12. Mucus
11. Pus
10. Vomit
9. Earwax
8. Blood
7. Urine
6. Saliva
5. Sweat
4. Female Ejaculate
3. Vaginal secretion
2. Tears
1. Breast Milk