Big Cat put it pretty well in his plug for this show — I wish I was still in college. Every single day.

It’s not that non-college life is bad, it’s just not as free. I mean, it’s more free in that I have the freedom to work from home and sit here literally bottomless 60-70% of the time, but there’s so much other shit to worry about. Bills, rent, getting old, friends getting married and preg — it’s the worst.

Take it from me: go to this shit. I only got to do Spring Break once in my college life and we went to PCB and I had maybe the greatest couple days of my life. Yes it was gross and filthy and I almost got a police record in Florida, but the hazy memories (and pictures) I have to this day of the shit that happened makes it worth it. I’m tellin ya, GO. Your Facebook is gonna be all babies and wedding photos before you know it.

Panama City Beach – MARCH 11

Panama City Beach – MARCH 18

Panama City Beach – MARCH 25th 

New Orleans  – April 12th