Just something I thought about yesterday while watching Cam Newton completely grandson the entire Redskins defense. If you were picking players for an NFL team and had the chance to select any current quarterback, who would you choose?

I know most of the Bostonians wanna say Brady, but Brady is old as shit and you don’t wanna have to draft another QB in 2 years. Aaron Rodgers SHOULD be the consensus pick as he’s done everything in the world to earn it, but personally I gotta go Cam. This motherfucker is ridiculous. If football was a mental handicap Killa Cam would be full retard. I’m not sure if ya’ll got the Red Zone Channel like I do to be able to see this dude dominate opposing defenses every week with a shitty team, no RBs, and only one receiver, but every Sunday my mind is blown. I’d trade Vick for Newton straight up right now, if only for the fact that Vick is in his 30′s and Cam is like 17. Also, don’t forget that redheaded Andy Daulton’s BENGALS are 4-2. Also: Brees, Rivers, Manning, Vick, Roethlisberger, Ryan, Flacco, Stafford, Freeman, LUCK…lots to choose from.

Oh, and if anybody says Tebow do everyone a favor and hurt yourself.