Missed landing in the money last week based on maybe two bad choices, which is frustrating when you nail 3-4 picks like I did last week. No more. Getting my groove back like Angela Bassett banging Jamaican Taye Diggs in the mid 90′s.

Ya’ll should know how it works by now. You pick a team of 9 players, make sure to stay under the salary cap, and if your team puts up good fantasy numbers you cash in. Easiest money possible. And I’m not just saying that because I work for Barstool — I’m also a former winner.


· $15,000 in total prizes, with the winner walking away with $3,300
· 332 seats in the tournament, up to three entries allowed
· $50 entry fee
· League starts at kickoff on Sunday, Nov. 18th. Thursday game is not included.

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