Youtube Description

This Is real footage from space. It shows real ufo’s flying around and leaving earth.

Why are they all so close to our planet? Why don’t they change direction? Why do they not yet have invisibility technology if they can travel through space and time? Hey — damned if I know.

Alls I know is that these are alien UFOs and that the government is trying to keep them a secret from us. You suckers all think the government is worried about taking your guns and raising your taxes and turning you all into forced slaves to the New World Order. Way to take your eye off the ball, America. This is and has always been about aliens.

Don’t you remember Independence Day? They’re here to steal our resources and turn Vivica Fox into a stripper. And unless we find Jeff Goldblum a Macbook and some dial-up internet we’re all fucked.

See you in the probing lab, dummies.