They make it near impossible to like them. Terrible play-calling. Terrible quarterbacking. Terrible giant pink Eagle logo in the center of the field. So much is awful with this team that it’s amazing that Michael Vick can play bad enough to draw so much hate on himself. THAT’S how bad hes been.

Official maurice Eagles stink list:
Michael Vick
Andy Reid
Everyone on the Offensive Line
Everyone on the Defensive Line
Everyone on Special Teams
Marty Mornhinweg
Bobby April
Juan Castillo
Colt Anderson

Official maurice Eagles Who Don’t Stink list:
Nate Allen
LeSean McCoy

I’m not even going to use the Lions bye week excuse like I had planned. Not even gonna talk about that bullshit offensive pass interference call on Brent Celek that would have won us the game. They deserved to lose because they play every week with zero¬†discipline. ¬†It doesn’t matter how much drive Vick has or how badly he wants to win deep down — he’s not helping the team win.

These guys make my face hurt. Thank God for the bye.

Nick Foles.