OCFootbrawl is a controversial team sport invented during the late 1980s, in Australia, as a training aid for martial arts students. Despite violence concerns, footbrawl has been growing in popularity and may soon become an internationally played sport. New Martial Arts Football, or Footbrawl, is a full contact sport in which participants have to fight to score and survive the game in one piece. As in many other sports around the world, the main goal of footbrawl is to get the ball into the net and score more points than the opposing team, only that’s not as easy as you might think. Combining elements of mixed martial arts, football, rugby and even ice hockey, footbrawl is a unique game that gives “footbrawlers the chance to let off some steam without any serious injuries, and offers spectators an unforgettable spectacle of non-stop thrilling action. What people love most about footbrawl is the freedom that they can do almost whatever they like on the field. Players can punch and kick their opponents (as long as it’s only in the padded areas), throw them or catch them in arm and leg locks or chokes. Goalies have even more freedom, because they can use the Brawler BOs to hit whatever part of their opponents’ body they like, in order to guard the goal, including the face and legs.

Literally have no idea what is going on. Kind of looks like sloppy chaotic mess of guys who are bad at both football and bad at fighting. You can’t just mix a bunch of sports together in a bowl and assume it’ll be great. Doesn’t work like that. Just because people love basketball, trampolines, and horrific knee injuries didn’t make Slamball popular.

I’ll tell you what, though — I’d watch the shit out of this if there was a 12 year-old age maximum. Not in any sort of Michael Jackson-y way, I just imagine handing children a ton of protective equipment and throwing them into loosely regulated combat being hilarious. Three kids just wailing on the goalie. Only two kids understand the rules. Fat kid crying in the corner. Kid Footbrawl = Entertainment City.

What do you think of this “sport”?
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