With Selection Sunday behind us and March Madness in full swing Barstool Philly has decided to have a little competition of our own this March. The Barstool City Six Challenge will determine by reader vote which Philly school has the best Smokeshows. Participating this year will be representatives from St Joes, Nova, Drexel, Lasalle, and Temple (Penn is on academic probation this year until we see more Smokes). And because we couldn’t just ignore the rest of the city we added a Mid Major category so smaller schools such as Widener, Cabrini, etc could join in as well.

Oh right, prizes. Each Smokeshow who you see here will receive participation stuff, but the good cash and prizes will only go to the winning team. Also, the winning team will receive a FREE PARTY via McFadden’s for their school. Lastly, while the winners will be announced at the Barstool City 6 Party at McFadden’s on the 31st, we will also be giving out free Barstool F*ckin Foam tickets to several lucky Stoolies in attendance. Pretty legit stuff.

So VOTE HERE for which school you think deserves to win the City 6 Challenge. And I’ll see you at McFadden’s on the 31st when we pick the winners!