One of a kind shirts, for one of a kind men
A One Of A Kind shirt allows you to show that you’re an individual, that you’re a little different than everyone else and you want them to take notice of who you are. These shirts are great for a night on the town (WHAT TOWN??), frat parties, bachelor parties, stag parties or any other time you want to stand out in a crowd. 100% cotton, made from 10 different fabrics. Because these shirts are a piece of art, the color and pattern is not revealed until the package is opened. Design in the U.S.A. Dry clean.

This company has it all backwards. They’re wasting thousands presumably marketing these shirts as “pieces of art” that men would actually want to wear, when it would be far more effective to simply call them what they really are: wearable pussy repellent.

No man will ever get laid in this shirt without paying for it, and even then I think the prostitute in question would have to take a hard look in the bathroom mirror (and about a dozen shots of vodka) before allowing herself to sleep with the owner of this atrocity. Made of TEN different fabrics? It could be raining pussy and this shirt would get nothing but dick stains.

And the price. MY GOD THE PRICE. Seventy bucks for shirt scraps a porn star wouldn’t wear. Let’s do some quick research. For the price of one shirt you could feed and educate about 1 1/2 African children for a year. A YEAR. So the thought process of any man considering this purchase goes like this: save 1 1/2 lives with this money, or kill that kid and any child you could have fathered had you not scared off every woman in sight by wearing this shirt.

Decisions, decisions.

PS – This is 100x worse than Kanye’s skirt.