One of the takeaways for me after traveling up to Boston for the Barstool Holiday party last weekend was realizing how far apart NYC and Boston actually are. The express train was doing like 300mph and it was still a 4+ hour trip from New York. FOUR HOURS? For two northeast cities that are supposed rivals of one another?

I get that divisions naturally set up a hatred between the two, but isn’t the whole point of a rivalry to claim victory over the other team on your turf? Boston and NYC aren’t on each other’s turf like other rivals are. Oakland/San Fran. Cleveland/Pittsburgh. Those make sense to me. Hell, in the same travel time it takes to get from NYC to Boston, New York could have a rivalry with Baltimore or Washington DC. So Boston’s whole hatred of NYC has to be based on the fact that there aren’t any other cities around, right? Nobody gets pumped up to go to war against Rhode Island or Hartford Connecticut.

Just saying — it seems silly. I get that the two have faced off a bunch (especially recently in the Super Bowl), but Boston has irrationally hated New York for hundreds of years now. It can’t all be based on Babe Ruth. Maybe it’s time to move on. For example the generation of Philly fans before us had a much more intense rivalry with the Cowboys, but recently we’ve mostly come to our senses and turned our attention to hating the more regional New York Giants. Which works out perfectly since they’re in our division AND less than 2 hours away. Also, Philly fans and NY fans often meet up and intermix in Jersey and have reason to dislike the other side. Where do Boston and New York fans actually see each other? New Haven? Nobody lives in New Haven.

Didn’t make sense last week and it still doesn’t make sense now. Boston should just start hating colleges in Vermont or random club teams in Maine and rack up a bunch of victories that way. Doesn’t seem like winning a ton of professional championships has helped with the inferiority complex anyway.