You just said “no”. I heard you all the way through the internet. But consider this:

NBA Finals fantasy draft — gotta pick a starting 5 from the OKC and Miami rosters. You pick either LeBron James or Kevin Durant first. The other team selects whichever one you didn’t pick. You’re up. Wade and Westbrook are still on the table.

If the game is being held TONIGHT, do you still go Wade?

We all saw the game last night and how DWade shrunk up like Eskimo dick. The guy made a handful of ridiculous shots but in the end you just got the feeling that he was stealing opportunities away from James, Chalmers, and even Battier. No lift on his shot. No confidence.  Just the complete opposite of what Russell Westbrook brought to the table.  Been that way a lot of the playoffs, actually.  Sure, teams are keying in on him, but a top (3? 5?) player doesn’t shoot 39% in his last 5 playoff games.   Yeah, it’s only one stretch but…is it really?


Comparable. Westbrook is 23. Wade is 30. And while I could point out that they obviously will move (or already have moved) in different directions physically with Westbrook entering the prime of his career and Wade beginning to fade, it has little to do with this series. But neither does Wade’s Finals MVP, Olympic gold medal, and actress girlfriend. I’m talking about RIGHT NOW — who do you think is the better basketball player?

Vote 1 for Dwyane Wade and 10 for Russell Westbrook.
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