Except maybe there is. If these two are actually gay (which I’m not saying they are), then there’s a problem with them not coming out of the closet. Maybe not Baron Davis as much since he’s washed up and had his job outsourced to Asia, but Deron Williams would be a fantastic role model for gay athletes everywhere. Dude is a top 3-4 point guard in the world. Nothing would be bigger for the homosexual community than to have a star of his caliber step out of the closet and into the shining rainbow-colored light of open gayness. It would no longer be as taboo to be a gay pro. Players would be coming out left and right trying to cash in on that long gay money, doing man-bag magazine ads and commercials for Santorum wipes on the Logo channel. It would change the face of American athletics.

Or this is just an inside joke and this narrator bitch is a homophobe. Either one.