Going through my Spartan Race photos again — you know, reliving the glory — and found little man here in one of the shots. COMPLETELY forgot about this kid. I guess he was in the same heat I was in but I don’t even remember seeing him. Little man probably blew past my tall ass from jump street and never looked back. Just using every ounce of that 80 pound frame to climb over walls and scorch through obstacles. It’s almost unfair.

But then I got to thinking that if this kid can finish the Spartan Race — a race even former football superstars/current internet sports and smut moguls couldn’t finish — then how much more of a man is this CHILD than most of the general population? In other words: is this kid more of a man than you are?

I picture most of our readers as young and fairly physically fit, but that idea might have to be challenged. If you have yet to compete in a race like this because you’re afraid of the challenge or have doubts about your ability, let Spartan Jr. here be your inspiration. Kid’s like in the 2nd grade. Hasn’t sprouted his first pube or felt a boob or been mauled to death by student debt or any of that adult stuff. Yet he can still finish 4 miles of Spartan Race hell.

Time to sack up and get in on this race. Still plenty of time to get yourself ready. SIGN UP HERE and I’ll see you there at Blue Mountain on July 14th.