DMElisabetta Canalis surprised everyone by dating Jackass star Steve-O following her split form Hollywood heartthrob George Clooney. But now, Steve-O has pulled the plug on their three-month relationship. The reality star apparently grew tired of her wild ways and feared her love of partying was a bad influence on his sobriety. A source told Radar Online: ‘Steve-O dumped Elisabetta over her partying. ‘He is extremely serious about his sobriety and did not want to be dating anyone who could jeopardise that.’ While they are no longer romantically involved, the insider alleges that 37-year-old Steve-O wants to help the Italian beauty leave her love of partying behind.T he source added: ‘He still really cares about her but can’t risk relapsing back into his old ways, so he had to cut her loose. ‘He has hooked her up with some women that he knows to help her try and get back on a stable footing again, and she has been attending meetings.

Steve-O — Staple my ass, give me a tat while on a dune buggy Steve-O — just dumped his Italian Smokeshow girlfriend because she parties too hard. Sure, she’s hot enough to be an international supermodel and used to date George Clooney. Sure he’s a former heroin addict and alcoholic who once snorted wasabi on a dare. Doesn’t matter. She parties too much so now she’s outta there.

Fucking Steve-O. If you would have told me that he’d be dating a woman as hot as this chick I’d swear she’d either be mentally retarded or just using him for his ready rock connect. Never in a million years would think he would sober up and be dumping dimes because of THEIR drinking. It’s like he doesn’t even realize that he was supposed to die in some spectacular fashion already. You’re behind schedule, Steve-O. You were supposed to be gunned down on camera by cocaine cartels while filming a side project in Columbia or getting blown up while sticking Tabasco-dipped cherry bombs in your butthole. You were never supposed to grow old and become a responsible member of society. What good to us are you now?

Sobriety’s for quitters, bruh.