Philly.comOn Tuesday we spoke with a woman who showed us several photos of Owens she says were taken via video chat service Skype while he apparently masturbated in front of her. The woman, who is 27 and asked not to be identified, spent Tuesday trying to sell the photos to TMZ and other celebrity media outlets. The Daily News does not purchase such material. T.O.’s Skype buddy said she met him on Twitter when she complimented his appearance and they began direct-messaging there before moving to Skype. During their first Skype encounter, the woman claims, Owens was already naked and erect when the video call began. She estimates watching Owens pleasure himself on 10 separate occasions during which she denies exposing herself or talking dirty. She says Owens would “tell me things he wanted to do to me.” “It’s obvious that she has nothing because it’s illegal with what she’s trying to do or otherwise TMZ would have bought the photos,” Owens told us by email Tuesday. “This is a case of extortion, this is a waste of my time and you’re wasting your time because I have nothing to say,” Owens said.

BS jr. has an email back and fourth with the woman with the pictures.

I hate to say it, but I actually believe T.O. here. This bitch claims that Terrell Owens jerked off in front of her TEN TIMES and she not once “exposed herself” or talked dirty? Bullshit. Either this ho was on the clitoris 1′s and 2′s on camera or T.O. never showed dong. I don’t care that he looks like Tyrone Hill now. I don’t care that he’s broke now. I don’t care how sad, desperate, pathetic, depressed, drug-addicted, or hated he is now, either. There’s no way a man who got as much pussy as he has would stoop to showing his dick to some stranger on Skype without seeing nudity in return. This chick is full of shit. No dick pics, no story.