They’re lucky they got Beckham and Landon Donovan there to save them cause this shit could have been brutal. This time next year I bet Obama (yeah I said it) will be STRUGGLING through this thing.

“Uhh…this has been a great year for the umm San Jose Earthquakes, hasn’t it? No, really, has it? I’m kidding. Umm…we saw some fantastic…kicks…this year, including several I know for a fact probably went into the opposing teams goal. Whiiiich, I hear, is a good thing. I’d especially like to congratulate the MVP of the championship match, this guy to the left here with the hair. He was great my guys told me all about it in the back right before I came out here. Sounds great. WELL….uhhhh….yeah, enjoy the tour, there’s free appetizers in the East Wing, and don’t touch any of the art.”