It’s easy to draw parallels between our relationship with Andy Reid as the Eagles head coach and what it feels like to be in a long-term relationship with a significant other. Obviously the lack of physical contact, communication, and sex makes it a bit different, but so many of the emotions involved remain the same. There’s our current general feeling of hatred and disgust which naturally comes after a close partner lets you down after breaking one too many promises. There’s the comfort we feel with him as our coach, understanding that while he’ll never understand clock management or keeping a proper pass-run balance, or saying ‘no’ after his third Dominoes mac & cheese Bread Bowl, he is better than most of the other talent out there and keeps a good track record. And there’s also the excitement we feel as fans who’ve already divorced the coach in our minds and are looking towards the future and who or what it may involve. It’s not just as easy as dumping him and taking on the next coach — we’ve been with Andy since Napster, Y2K, and Clinton BJs. There’s feelings and shit.

Which is why it feels to strange to see this whole deep ball/West Coast/pass-first/14 year-old goalline-shovel-pass clown show come to a close. To most of us who read this blog, we’re young enough where it’s hard to really clearly remember the world before Big Red. Sure we remember Rich Kotite, Ray Rhodes, Buddy Ryan, and the rest, but besides Buddy’s attacking defense what do those in my age group remember about their schemes or philosophies? On the other end, any die hard Eagles fan can run through a list of popular Eagles plays in any given scenario, not because they know the Eagles, but because they know Andy Reid.

Things that were said:

Unless this team can muster an unforeseen winning-streak, this really is the end. Time to hitch himself to the Nick Foles desperation wagon!