How long have you been waiting for some Barstool Philly swag?  Too long, I know. And unfortunately you’re gonna have to wait a bit longer. Why? Because starting January 7, Barstool Philly and myself will be giving away 20 limited edition individually-numbered Barstool t-shirts.  Just in time for after the Holidays!

Here’s the deal: both the @PhillyBarstool handle and my personal @tallmaurice need more twitter followers. So what we’ll do is for 20 days starting Jan 7 (M-F only) we will give one shirt away on twitter each day to the first person who can answer a trivia question correctly. It’s basically what KFC did with the movie trivia but with different questions and better shirts. And since each shirt is individually numbered between 1-20, each question will involve that number in some way. For instance, the first question will involve the #20 somehow and so on until we give away shirt #1 on February 1st. Brilliant, I know.

Oh, and about the shirts. They’re probably the best Stool shirts ever. Not only is the design plain enough where non-Philly Stoolies are gonna want them, but they’re 100% American Apparel super soft quality. No Fruit of the Loom Hanes Beefy-T bullshit here. These are top-quality shirts that will instantly become your go-to. Plus I paid for them myself so I know how much I could have saved by going cheap.

Anyway, this was just a teaser a couple weeks early to get you guys ready. When the questions start flying around Noon on Jan 7, just make sure you’re the first with the right answer and are following both @PhillyBarstool and @tallmaurice and you will get it shipped to you immediately. Depending on how this goes maybe we make more for sale. Who knows.

You’re welcome and good luck.