So — Obamacare. Some people hate it, some people are indifferent. For those Republicans with hate, the Tumblr I Want Repeal set up a live UStream of a printer spilling out names of people who signed a petition against the notorious Obama healthcare legislation. The catch? YOU COULD SIGN THE PETITION DIRECTLY BELOW THE STREAM! Which means only one thing, really — TROLLS.

And boy did they troll.  Regardless of your political ideology this is funny.  I got to the live stream late and could only print screen the best of the last act of names, but by all accounts this was the greatest comedic/political/anti-environmental waste of paper this year to date. It got to the point where you were let down when a real signature would roll out.

Without further adieu, here are some names that will be sent to the White House…or whatever.

PS – Nice to see Nate Dogg voicing his concerns about healthcare reform from BEYOND THE GRAVE.
PPS – Slowly watching ‘Chillbro Swaggins’ print out was the hardest I laughed all week.